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About Apresia / Skintactix

Apresia and Skintactix are part of a larger corporation that develops and produces skin care products for medical and clinical skin care professionals.  Under various labels our products are distributed in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.

The Apresia and Skintactix labels and websites were introduced in June of 2001, giving the public easy access to highly effective skin care products and  treatment.  Information and education have been an emphasis within our corporation since 1997 and we hope this website has been a valuable and complete resource. 

Following are photographs and descriptions of our personnel participating in professional skin care activities in various parts of the world.

Left: G. Lockhart (biologist) and T. Compton (educator) participate in an international conference for skin care professionals, where Lockhart was one of several key-note speakers. (Orlando, Florida, October 2002) 

S. Tan, M.D. (dermatologist) poses for the camera after a presentation on variations in treating acne on Asian skin at an international conference of dernatology.  (Paris, France, March 2001)


Above: A group of medical and paramedical clinicians from Latvia, Lithuania and Poland attends our seminar on the biochemistry of acne and eczema, and methods of control and remission.  (Vilnius, Lithuania, September 2004)

Above: At a trade show/conference in the USA medical and aesthetics professionals look for information and more effective forms of treatment.  We provide information at our booth as well as educational classrooms.  (Las Vegas, Nevada, May 2004)

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Questions should be submitted on the Feedback form, which allows us the opportunity to respond by e-mail as time is available during the day, and reply with written information that is more complete and useful. Because our staff must perform many functions and personnel who answer technical questions may be in other parts of the country or world, we appreciate your cooperation in submitting questions via the Feedback form.

Orders may not be placed by telephone.  Our Order Form is completely automated and it eliminates the possibility of errors that can occur with verbal orders. The Order Form is secured for your complete protection. 

Apresia and Skintactix comply with local, state and federal regulations pursuant to the manufacture of skin care products.  The products are certified by the State of California, Department of Health Services for good manufacturing practices and product sales in the USA and abroad.  Apresia and Skintactix do not participate in animal testing and elect not to use any ingredients that may have undesirable side effects.

Apresia and Skintactix are registered trademarks.  The contents of this website are protected by copyright.  Some skin care products are patented and patent pending.  Any party requiring specific trademark, copyright or patent details may contact our trademark, copyright, patent attorney

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