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 Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation
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Skin Care Basics
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 Skin Anti-Aging

Our knowledge regarding anti-aging is a rapidly growing field and we are quickly learning how to slow the aging process.  The science of skin anti-aging has its own strategies that are different than skin rejuvenation strategies.  Skin anti-aging involves techniques used to slow the skin aging process, so the skin continues to appear and function in a more youthful and healthful manner.  On the other hand, skin rejuvenation deals with corrective measures to repair damage that has already occurred.  A sound anti-aging plan and anti-aging products can significantly reduce the need for rejuvenation measures.

Because anti-aging is somewhat complex and very important to understand, we have divided it into sections which build on each other.  Begin with Skin Free Radical Damage (the link is above) and progress through each section.  While most people do not know how we age, it is easy to understand and anyone can begin slowing their own aging process immediately.   








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