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Skin Anti-Aging

Skin Anti-Aging
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Skin Care Basics
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 Skin Rejuvenation

The subject of skin aging is covered in the Skin Anti-Aging section.  Please read the anti-aging pages prior to this section on Skin Rejuvenation.

A facelift is said to be rejuvenation, but it is only superficial.  It involves the removal of sections of the skin, pulling the remainder of the skin tight and possibly shortening underlying muscles to hold the skin in place.  No real rejuvenation takes place, but rather, creating the “appearance” of rejuvenation.  There is no change at the cellular level and only cosmetic change to the skin.

This section on skin rejuvenation deals with causing changes at the cellular level of the skin, which improve the various functions of the skin and then the appearance. 


The woman above is photographed on day 1 and again at 9 months.  At the time of the photographs she was 66 years old.  She used Apresia Antioxidant Moisturizer, Titanium / Zinc Sunscreen, Vitamin A / Antioxidant Complex and Nighttime Cream Bio-Essentials.  Notice the lines below the eyes have gotten flatter and less pronounced, as have the lines below the mouth.  The accordion folds in the cheeks have completely disappeared which is an excellent demonstration of new collagen production.  

With regard to skin rejuvenation there are no singular “wonder” ingredients or simple solutions.  Stimulating real collagen production (for example) is not achieved with a single ingredient, but rather with a number of ingredients having different mechanisms of stimulating fibroblast cells to initiate collagen production.  Aprisia anti-aging and skin rejuvenation products are based upon the most advanced science and these products actually cause visible improvements in the health and appearance of mature skin.

Read the pages in the links above under the Skin Rejuvenation heading for a better understanding of the actions of "active" ingredients and the products that are most helpful. 

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